A full home inspection. I include a free WDO inspection. The inspection includes all the visible systems of the home with pictures and video in a comprehensive, narrative report available to client within hours of inspection. Here is a sample report!

Systems Inspected:

Foundation                          Crawl Space

Structural Components      Electrical

Plumbing                             Roof

Gutters/Downspouts          Garage

Heating/Cooling                 Decks/Patios

Waiting until you have an offer on the table to have your home inspected could cost you a lot of money or even the sale of your home. Knowing what is or is not wrong with your house before you put it on the market is a good way to alleviate some pressure during the already stressful time of selling your home. It gives you the best opportunity to get out ahead of any repairs that need to be done to the house. The process and price for Pre-Sale Inspections are the same.

Have you had an inspection done by Campion Home Inspection? If you have and have had work done to the house based on my report I am happy to come back, FREE of charge, and re-inspect any system that has been repaired by my recommendation.

Worried you may have a bug problem? Have a structural pest inspection. I will inspect your home from attic to crawlspace for WDO's (wood rot, ants, beetles, termites, rodents). With a comprehensive report of type of problem and location, you could save a lot of money on pest control.

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